Not So Dirty Rice

Since listening to my body and cutting out all  Nightshades, I've really started to miss spicy food. scotchbonnet and harbenero  peppers are my fav!! But unfortunately they cause my lupus to flare sigh. One meal I liked making a lot was dirty rice. Traditionally  made using Cajun spices but unfortunately that is not an option … Continue reading Not So Dirty Rice


Turmeric Stewed Beans

As usual the Since summer in London is rather confusing. One days it's warm and sunny then the next it's raining and super windy. Unlike this summer here is a recipe for a comforting meal that doesn't disappoint. Total Time: 40 minutes Yeilds: 4 servings Ingredients: 1 cup Pinto beans 1 Cup Borlotti beans 1 … Continue reading Turmeric Stewed Beans