Review – Vanity Planet: Spin for Perfect skin Brush 

This is not sponsored or in collaboration with this brand. It is a review of a product I genuinely like.

Over the past month I’ve been using the Vanity planet Spin for perfect skin Brush. Now I know you are probably thinking everyone and their mum has been raving on about it and pushing discounted links to entice you to buy it. Now I’ll admit it… I got sucked in but boy am I glad I bought it!. I wanted to use it for a month before giving you an honest unsponsored review on the product.


Unlike most facial brushes the vanity planet spin brush comes with 4 separate soft brush heads that are not rough or stiff in any way. Two head are for the face, one cleanse and the other to exfoliate, an exfoliating stone to be used on hard skin on the feet or elbows & a large brush head for exfoliating the body. I haven’t used the exfoliating stone or body exfoliating brush heads yet, mainly because I didn’t buy the spin brush with the intentions of using them. I use the cleansing brush head both morning and night. I literally look forward more than usual to take my make up off at night, just because I know I’m going to be using the brush. Yeah i know that sounds sad. I use the facial exfoliating brush head once or twice a week, depending on my lupus an how much makeup I have worn during the week.

The brush its self is light, easy to hold. There is no timer or limit on how long u should use it for, so you can spend as much time cleaning your face as you choose. You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure to the brush or move it vigorously across your face in order to thoroughly clean your skin. I find it to be a lot softer and less damaging than cleaning my face with a facial cloth. It also has the ability to removes make up you are unable to remove with your hands. You would be surprised how much makeup is still on your skin even after you have washed it. This spin brush not only cleans your face and body but also doubles up a pretty good massager.

Its original retail price is £76.42 ($99) but with the current 70% discount that is floating around it is £22.93 ($29.99) without delivery charges. In total with delivery & an addition 10% welcome discount i paid £26.89 ($33.81) The Brush also comes with a 60 Day s money back Guarantee. So if you are not happy with it, which i highly doubt anyone would the u can get your money back. Delivery was pretty quick; I received it within a few days. I ordered on a Friday and it was delivered on the following Monday morning. I was very pleased with the delivery as i didn’t think i would receive it until the following Friday.


I honestly love this brush, i am very glad i bought it. i must admit i was slightly sceptical about the brush because of my sensitive skin . With having lupus and wearing makeup frequently throughout the week, my skin tends to take go through stages of becoming to oily, having breakouts or feeling a little rough/textured. But since using this brush i have found i haven’t had an issue with my skin. Also i find my skin is softer and clearer than before. I believe that my issues have been due to a build up of dirty clogging my pores.

I definitely recommend the Spin for perfect skin brush.

Here is the link if you are interested In buying the vanity planet spin for perfect skin brush  click here


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