Banana Pancakes with Strawberry Bits

I made these the other day and asked on Instagram if anyone wanted me to share the recipe. A few people said yes so here we are .

Makes: 7-8

Total time: 30 Minutes 


2 ripe Bananas

1 Tsp baking powder ( I used Doves

1 Flax Egg ( or 1 egg) 

1 cup buckwheat flour 

Milk of your choice ( I used Koko dairy free  Coconut Milk) 

1/4 Tsp Cinnamon 

1/2 Tsp vanilla 

3 large strawberries + 2 for topping 

Handful of blueberries 

Coconut oil

Maple syrup 


To a blender add the bananas, flour, baking powder, flax egg, cinnamon and vanilla. Slowly add a little milk and then blend. Keep adding milk  and blending until you get the consistency you want. ( I would suggest for  the mixtures to be semi thick )

Wash, trim and chop the strawberries. ( if u want thin pancakes then thinly slice the strawberries and if u want thick pancakes dice the strawberries). Add to the mix and mix with a spoon/spatula.

 Heat a frying pan on medium to low heat. Once heated  Add a tsp of coconut oil and allow to melt. slowly pour some of the pancake mixture into the pan (alternatively spoon the mixture into the frying pan) 

Fry the pancakes until you see air bubbles appear, then flip it over & cook until both sides are golden.  Continue doing this with all the mixture until u have 7-8 pancakes.

Now it time to stack Them and add the extra stawberries, blueberries and drizzle with Maple Syryp 

Jade X 


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