Cacao, Orange and Raisin Porridge  

For those that are not aware I LOVE porridge. If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed  I have porridge practically everyday. Funny thing is when i was younger I hated the stuff. I was semi ok with cornmeal porridge as it was smooth, but anything with lumps I couldn’t  deal with. 

If you are a fan of orange chocolate this is right up your alley! A healthy bowl of creamy  Cacao Orange porridge with chewy bits of raisins. Yum!

Never heard of Cacao powder? That’s ok I’ll give u a quick 411. Cacao powder is made from cold pressed unroasted cacao beans.Which means it’s raw. cocoa on the other hand has processed and has refined sugar and milk added into it. You are able to get Vegan Cocoa powder that doesn’t have Milk but will contain refined sugar. Cacao is  the purest form of chocolate you can eat. It’s had numerous benefits from aiding weightloss to protecting the cardiovascular system to improving  your mood. It’s is packed to the rim with antioxidants as well as protein, fat and numerous vitamins. You really can’t go wrong with adding Cacaco into your diet. 

Total time: 15 minutes 


1 cup of Gluten free Oats 

2/3 Cup Water 

1 Orange (juice)

1 Tsp the Good Stuff Cacao powder 

1 Tbs Maple Syrup (alternatively any sweetener you like) 

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract 

1/4 tsp Cinnamon 

1/3 cup raisins 

 Coconut milk  ( alternatively any milk u like) 


The Good Stuff Chia seeds 

Coconut chips
Method :

Place your sauce pan on a medium to low heat and add the oats, juice from the orange, water, Cacaco Powder, vanilla  and cinnamon . Cook for 7 minutes. Make sure to mix so that nothing gets stuck to the bottoms of the pan. Add the raisins, maple syrup and Milk ( now how  much milk is up to you depending on the consistency you like). Cook for a further 7 minutes. Once you have the consistency you like it’s time to pour it into a your bowl.

I topped mine with Chia seeds and Coconut Chips. 

Jade X


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