Pistachio pesto 

A delicious & quick glutenfree, Nightshade free pistachio pesto.

Pistachios are my second  favourite Nut closely behind Cashew nuts. Although as a lupie ( person that has Lupus) we are recommended to eat Walnuts and try to keep the consumption  of other nuts petty low as they contain a lot of Omega 6.  

I love pesto because it goes with pretty much anything. Pasta, fish, vegetables  & even toast!  you name it I’m sure there is a way of getting some pesto into or on it!

This semi chunky pesto is delicious it has both basil and parsley which compliments the pistachio nuts well. If you are not dairy free you can add Parmesan to the pesto.

Total time: 4 minutes

Makes : 2 servings 

Medium Handful 10-15 Parsley leafs

Large handful  20-25 basil leafs

1/2 lime

Himalayan salt 

Black pepper 

2 1/2 Tbs Olive Oil

2 Tbs Pumpkin Seeds 

1 Tbs Parmesan 

1/3 cup pistachios (unshelled) 


Add all the ingredients except the Parmesan into the blender and blend until you get a Chucky pesto. 

Taste and adjust seasoning if needed. Add Parmesan (optional). Blend again until you have a semi Chucky pesto. 

Serve and enjoy 

Jade X 


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