Sweet potato,Broccoli and cheese patties

Sweet potato is such a versatile vegetable. It can be used to make various things such as fries, muffins or even  pies. It has the ability to work well in both sweet and savoury dishes. Not only are they versatile, but they are full of Vitamin A which helps to aid  good vision and a good immune system. They also contain potassium and magnesium.

The great thing about sweet potato patties are the fact you can combined several different vegetables and flavours into the patties. It’s a great way to consume some of your 5 a day . Sweet potato along with several other food items have become a staple in my household. Like anything eat it in moderation as sweet potato is high in calories .

imageYields: 6                                                                             Total time: 35 mins


1 large Sweet Potato Steamed and Mashed
Drizzle Of Olive Oil
70g Grated Mature Cheddar Cheese ( you can add more this really depends on how cheesy you would like it)
1 1/2 Cups Finely Chopped raw Broccoli (you can use frozen broccoli. Make sure to defrost throughly)
1tsp Paprika
1tsp Black pepper
1tsp Cumin
1/2tsp Spice Cave Fire Seasoning ( optional.. Alternatively you could use Chilli Powder)
Pinch of Salt
1Tb Buckwheat flour


Preheat oven to gas mark 6

To a Bowl add all the ingredients and mix until all ingredients have blended.

Line a baking tray with grease proof paper.

With a spoon scope out a large the mixture and mould into a ball with your hands.

Place on to the grease proof paper and press down with your hand lightly. Continue until you have 6 large patties.

Place tray in the oven  and bake for 15 minutes. With a spatula flip the patties over gently and continue  to bake for another 15-17 minutes or until both sides are golden brown. 

Jade X



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