Potato-less prawn Fish Cakes

Prior to making these fish cakes I had never tried a prawn fish cake. I was slightly sceptical about it as I've tried to make prawn burgers before an they were a total disaster. They aren't the same thing but the concept it pretty similar. If you follow me on Instagram you would be aware … Continue reading Potato-less prawn Fish Cakes


Chilli & Coriander Corn on the Cob

  You can't go wrong with an ear of corn on the cob. Nothing beats biting into it and your mouth being filled with the sweet taste of corn. As a child the only topping I knew for corn on the cob was butter. Oh how I wish I knew what I know now!   … Continue reading Chilli & Coriander Corn on the Cob

Sweet Brussel sprouts and purple cabbage 

 I absolutely love sautéed or roasted Brussel sprouts and purple cabbage. Here is a quick side dish that's both simple and delicious.  Servings: 4 Total time: 7 minutes Ingredients: 2/3 cup +1 tbs Low Sodium  Vegetable Stock  1Tbs Tamari  1tbs Olive oil  Pinch Black Pepper  Pinch Salt  1 Tsp Garlic powder  20-25 Brussel sprouts 1 1/2 … Continue reading Sweet Brussel sprouts and purple cabbage