Potato-less prawn Fish Cakes

Prior to making these fish cakes I had never tried a prawn fish cake. I was slightly sceptical about it as I've tried to make prawn burgers before an they were a total disaster. They aren't the same thing but the concept it pretty similar. If you follow me on Instagram you would be aware … Continue reading Potato-less prawn Fish Cakes


Sweet Brussel sprouts and purple cabbage 

 I absolutely love sautéed or roasted Brussel sprouts and purple cabbage. Here is a quick side dish that's both simple and delicious.  Servings: 4 Total time: 7 minutes Ingredients: 2/3 cup +1 tbs Low Sodium  Vegetable Stock  1Tbs Tamari  1tbs Olive oil  Pinch Black Pepper  Pinch Salt  1 Tsp Garlic powder  20-25 Brussel sprouts 1 1/2 … Continue reading Sweet Brussel sprouts and purple cabbage