Are You Nightshade intolerant?

If you have a inflammatory disease you have probably been advised to avoid alfalfa sprouts and both refined and processed foods.

But how much do you know about NIGHTSHADES?

Nightshade or solanaceae family is a plane group with over 2,000 species. Which include varies food we eat in a daily basis.

•White potatoes

• Chilli peppers (Datil, Habanero, Jalapeño, Pimento ect)

•Sweet Peppers (Bell Peppers)


•Red pepper seasonings ( Ceyanne, Paprika, Chilli powder ect)

•Goji Berries

•Jerusalem Cherries






**when purchasing spice blends always read the label as most often they contain the above seasonings such as curry powder **

May people that have inflammatory disease may find consuming Nightshades aid their flare ups. Nightshades contain a substance called alkaloids. There are 4 differ types of alkaloids on Nightshades which are responsible for a variety of health problems such as poor healing, insomnia, stiff joints, muscle pain and inflammatory problems.

Often we don’t realise how much night shades are siding out flare. To work out if nightshade are contributing to your flare up, challenge yourself to eliminate all Nightshades from your diet for 4-6 weeks. Then slowly start to reintroduce them, one by one.
Pay attention to your body and the way you feel. If you start to feel muscle pain, depression,constipation, joint pain, poor healing, inflammation problems or insomnia then Stop consuming the night shade and eliminate it from your diet all together.

Giving up nightshade might seem like a challenge but there are numerous fruit, vegetables and herbs you can use as an alternative. Keep in mind sweet potato and black pepper are not Nightshades.

Jade X


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